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Panda Princess Alamode




:/ how is this ~*grunge*~

please don’t delete my descriptions to promote yourself like that it’s obnoxious


5 facts about me As tagged by

1) I run a group called Kawaii in Hawaii.

2) I am of Hawaiian ancestry and heritage.

3) I am a proud mommy to 6 cockatiels, 1 parakeet, and 1 very needy green cheek conure.

4) I enjoy older horror films

5) I can’t stand Oreos the


Japanese woman in beautiful kimono with cranes-in-flight print. circa 1930s




ladies and gentlemen, the american education system

My school apparently ran out of toilet paper a few weeks ago and my Spanish teacher was telling the girls to keep a roll in their purses and the guys to keep a roll in our backpacks. North American Education system.

this is basically any public school in the world tbh


Scan from a 2003 Daisuki issue “Hitomi photographs the coolest girls in the city [Tokyo] from now on!”


What does lady gaga say when she wants someone to keep a secret?




When we arrived at the retirement home we found out they had a little parrot friend of their own!

Dax, as usual, was leading with his curious beak of his.

Georgi the lovebird is leery of both big birds.

Small birb in the background be like, “WUT…”

I am a Lolita that loves all things cute and all things Hello Kitty! I love Fashions and J- Fashions are my top loves! I love collecting cute food pictures and other beautiful things and I also love nerdy things too!

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